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Low Immune System

I consulted Dr of China regarding a recurrence of a longstanding back problem that wasn’t improving, chronic tiredness, and a series of viral infections that showed my immune system was struggling to meet demands.

After some sessions of acupuncture and daily use of the herbs the doctor prescribed, my energy levels are improving steadily and my back is less painful and more flexible. I have also recovered from the colds and flu at last!

I recommend Dr of China and Traditional Chinese Medicine because I can feel the improvement in my overall health and wellbeing, and because I like the way in which different problems are understood and treated as part of the whole picture of a person’s health rather than as separate and unrelated.

By Alka May 2011


Loss weight

For loss weight,usually by Feiyan Tea and Jianfeiwan Capsule,but them is not always work, because many reason cause some patients overweight. Doctor must give a right herbal medicine for loss weight. Mrs is 31 years old lady, was take Feiyan Tea but not any help. Nov.2012, she first see me, I noticed she suffer from a digestion problem, she often diarrhea after meal, I think if take Faiyan Tea, it would not help to lose the weight, but make the diarrhea worse. So, I gave her 2 types of herbal patent according to hers symptoms. After one month,she told me that she has never had bloat and diarrhea after meal since the treatment,and she had also lost 5 kg weight in one mouth.


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