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Acupuncture Remedies & Herbal Remedies in Leicester, Leicestershire

Dr of China provides acupuncture Remedies, Chinese tea and herbal remedies, bringing holistic Chinese medicines to Leicester, Leicestershire and surrounding areas.

Dr Chang has been providing Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine since 1982

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Venerable Alternative Medicines

When conventional medicine isn’t curing your ails, it’s time to try holistic alternative therapies. Dr of China uses ancient wisdom that still survives to the present day because it has always delivered results.

Our Traditional Remedies

Acupuncture is the well-respected practice of manipulating qi points by the insertion of thin metal needles. Dr of China is trained in this art, and also administers advice on courses and use of Chinese medicinal tea blends.

We Can Help You

Our clinic offers an ancient and tested alternative and compliment to mainstream medicine. Contact us to see if we can help your condition. We have helped people with a variety of disorders, including: [/column]


Proven Results

See the benefits of our holistic treatments in our gallery or read testimonials from some of our satisfied clients. Our clinical treatments have made many lives more comfortable.

The Road to Wellness

Discover the benefits of ancient wisdom with a treatment from Dr of China. Your pulse and other signs are measured to determine how best we can treat you. Whether it’s a course of herbal tablets or a change in diet, we advise you on ways to improve your quality of life. Contact us at Dr of China for advice on alternative Chinese medicine including herbal teas and acupuncture.

To discuss how we can help, book an appointment, text, email or call in to the clinic

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